Arizona White Collar Criminal Lawyer

Have you been accused of a white collar crime? A conviction could not only hurt your reputation and your career, but could also result in harsh legal penalties. If you find yourself in this situation, contact a white collar criminal lawyer at The Omni Firm. We represent clients in Arizona and New Mexico who are facing serious charges for business-related and financially-motivated crimes. We’ll fight to protect your constitutional rights and eliminate or minimize the penalties you receive.

What is White Collar Crime?

White collar crime is generally defined as illegal behavior committed by business professionals or government officials. It is typically non-violent and uses deception and/or concealment for financial gain. At The Omni Firm, our lawyers can help defend you against:

  • Fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Computer crimes
  • Identity theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Forgery
  • Passing bad checks
  • Credit card fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Racketeering (RICO)
  • Ponzi schemes
Our attorneys can attack search and arrest warrants, wiretaps, informant testimony, and any illegally-obtained evidence. We have extensive experience handling high profile cases that involve financial crimes.
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Consult with a White Collar Crime Attorney Today

Don’t face your charges alone; partner with a white collar criminal defense lawyer at The Omni Firm to get the support, advice, and representation you need to protect yourself. Call (480) 546-8281 or fill out our contact form today to request your free virtual consultation with a white collar criminal lawyer.