Arizona Trust Attorney

A trust can be a vital tool in your estate planning. Often, a trust can ensure your property goes where you want it, without the added expense and time of dealing with probate. If you think a trust may be appropriate for your situation, get in touch with The Omni Firm today. Our experienced trust attorneys can help you create an estate planning arrangement that will accomplish your unique objectives. We assist clients throughout Arizona and New Mexico.

Do You Need a Trust to Accomplish Your Estate Planning Goals?

Our experienced Trust attorneys will analyze your unique situation and tailor a trust that meets your needs. There are many questions that must be answered during the trust creation process such as:
  • Do you have any minor children or grandchildren you’d like to provide for?
  • Do you plan on leaving property to individuals and/or charities?
  • Who will be your trustees, and what duties will they have?
  • What kind of property do you own?
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Start with a Free Virtual Consultation

If you think you may need a trust, or wish to explore this option, call one of our Arizona Trust Attorneys today. We would be happy to assess your needs and help you make an informed decision about your estate plan. Call (480) 546-8281 or fill out our contact form today to request your free virtual consultation.