Our Arizona Lawyers are available for motions and hearings

At The Omni Firm, ​our attorneys understand the overwhelming feeling of dealing with pre-trial motions and hearings. You don't have to do it alone (what we in the biz call "Pro Per"). Our seasoned Criminal Defense attorneys are available to get you through the trial process which involves:

Initial appearance (arraignment) - Generally, within 24 hours of your arrest, you will appear before a judge to hear the formal charges and enter a (not guilty) plea

Bond hearings - If bail is set unreasonably high our attorneys can argue for a reduced bond amount or release on your own recognizance (R.O.R.)

Preliminary hearings - This is also called your Probable Cause hearing. The prosecutor puts forth evidence that a crime was committed and that you committed it.

We have experienced attorneys who can defend your case with:

  • Motions to dismiss charges.

  • Motions to suppress evidence, statements, confessions or witness / victim identification based on 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment violations.

  • Motion in limine to preemptively exclude evidence that would be prejudicial.

  • Motions to set aside previous convictions that would influence a jury or that would trigger steeper penalties.

If you find yourself arrested or charged with a crime, call now for a free 30-minute consultation. Our attorneys are available 24/7 to help our clients.


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