Child Support

There are many factors a court will look at in determining the amount of Child support and child support modification in Arizona. ​

What affects Child Support?

Child Support amounts are largely determined through a statutory formula, using factors such as:

  • Gross incomes of the parents

  • Income differences between the parents

  • Parenting time amounts

  • Child care costs

  • Educational expenses

  • State assistance​

  • And more...

At The Omni Firm, we help to make sure both parents are accurately reporting financial information through subpoena of bank records and other means. We want to make sure your child is being given the best opportunities possible through supportive parenting. 

Child Support Modification?

​If there has been a significant change in a parent's income, or Child's living arrangements, you may be entitled to a modification of Child Support in Arizona. 

If a parent isn't paying, The Omni Firm can ask the court to:

  • Garnish wages

  • Lien property

  • Or possibly jail

Let one of our experienced Family Law attorneys help you with your child support issues. Call today. 

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