Child Custody

Child custody issues can be some of the most challenging and sensitive issues you'll face in family law. At The Omni Firm, our Family Law attorneys understand the importance of preserving the family dynamic as much as possible.​ How does Child Custody work in Arizona?

Best Interest of the Child​


Arizona Courts will often look at:​

  • Child’s age and sex

  • Mental and physical health of the child AND parent

  • Parent's lifestyle

  • How the new custody arrangement will affect the child’s current life

  • Whether the parent will be able to provide for the children

Types of Child Custody

  • LEGAL CUSTODY- The custodial parent can make decisions regarding the child's healthcare, schooling, religious upbringing, and more.

  • JOINT CUSTODY- Both parents agree to work together to make sure the child's new adjustment is as stress free as possible. Courts will require drafting of a Parenting Plan to demonstrate how the child's time will be split between the homes.

  • SOLE CUSTODY- Arizona courts will award sole custody to a parent if there is substantial evidence that the other parent is unfit including use of drugs or alcohol.

A Parenting Plan must generally include:

  • How the child will receive healthcare

  • The Child's living arrangements

  • An education plan

  • Religious upbringing 

  • and a way to resolve disputes.

Let one of our experienced Family Law attorneys help you with your child custody issues, including drafting a family plan. Call today. 

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