Maricela Brown

Family Law and Bankruptcy Attorney

Maricela became an attorney because she is dedicated to helping families and individuals thrive. She knows that when difficult things happen to us, our response will dictate how well we succeed. Maricela believes that legal issues can be opportunities for growth, even though they can be challenging. Her clients know that Maricela is approachable, honest, and has their best interests in mind as she guides them through the legal process.

Maricela primarily practices family law, collaborative law, civil litigation, and bankruptcy law.

Pat Laux

Civil Litigation and Bankruptcy Attorney

Pat received his Juris Doctor from Arizona Summit Law School in 2018. He is currently licensed in New Mexico and practices civil litigation and bankruptcy law.

Pat uses his extensive knowledge as a successful entrepreneur, to navigate the complex legal world of business, analytics, contract formation, family law, civil litigation, and bankruptcy. Pat understands the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships to ensure a hassle-free client experience.